Philosophy/Statement of Purpose

Our objectives are guided by our belief that children should…

- Be safe and be happy

- Develop a positive and secure sense of themselves as people worthy of love and respect

- Develop a sense of themselves as powerful learners and achievers

- Develop a sense of themselves as creative and imaginative people

- Develop an understanding of sensitivity towards others

o Empathy

o A sense of community

o An absence of sexism, racism and other biases

- Develop a sense of self-control

- Develop a capacity for self-expression

- Develop a respect for worldly things

o For property

o For beauty and order

o All creatures great and small

- In their interactions with children, our staff will strive to...

- Provide a warm, secure and comfortable environment

- Provide a safe and healthy environment

- Respect, appreciate and care for children as individuals

- Respect and accept each child at his or her best or worst

- Provide a learning environment designed to enhance each child’s development in all areas

- Encourage children’s independence and self-control

- Encourage and allow children to take responsibility

- Allow children autonomy and privacy