Our programs are for children between 2 years 9 months and 6 years old. Choose Lunch Bunch or Full Day and 2, 3, 4 or 5 days per week. 


preschool and pre-k Lunch bunch Programs

8:30AM - 1PM* Hingham

9AM - 1PM* Abington and Bridgewater


preschool and pre-k Full Day Programs

7AM - 5:30PM (6PM in Hingham)

summer program

7AM - 5:30PM (6PM in Hingham)

*Actual start/end times vary slightly for parking lot safety.

Preschool Program (2 yrs 9 mos - 4 yrs old)

The most important things that the children learn in the Preschool Program are social and listening skills as well as the ability to follow directions. Your child will also learn how to meet and interact with new friends, listen to stories in a group environment, etc. We also work with them on their socioemotional and cognitive skills. While we have a very strong underlying academic focus, the primary goal is for each and every day is that it is FUN!

Pre-Kindergarten Program (4 - 6 years old)

Children in the Pre-Kindergarten program are preparing to transition to either public or private school kindergarten. We continue working on the development of their fine motor skills, letters and numbers writing and recognition and some beginning math and pre-reading skills. The children are also expected to follow multi-step directions as they progress. We regularly collaborate with the public schools to ensure that the children will enter kindergarten feeling self confident, secure and ready to learn in their new environment!