Dear families-

Thank you for your interest in Pre-School Playmates! PSP was founded in 1980 to fill the need for more quality preschools on the south shore. The first 5 years of a child’s life is a crucial time for social, emotional and cognitive development and this is our focus at Pre-School Playmates.

Preschool and pre-kindergarten children are ready to grow! At this age, they are eager to explore the workings of their ever-expanding world. It is a time when self-confidence, social and emotional skills and the development of communication are the key to their future success. Our nurturing teachers are all educated professionals who are focused on each individual child’s personal achievement of developmental milestones.

At PSP we prepare children for kindergarten and beyond, with the social skills and self-confidence needed for a lifetime of academic success and happiness. We strive to instill a true love of learning that will help them for the rest of their lives.

We encourage you and your child to come visit our school, meet the teachers and see all the great things they are doing with the children every day. Please feel free to ask questions and observe the classrooms. We feel the more you know about PSP (or any program for that matter!) the better you will feel about deciding where to send your child to begin their educational journey.

Thank you again and we look forward to meeting you!

Maryann Landry


“My daughter is in her second year at PSP and my younger daughter will go there as soon as she’s old enough. We have loved the entire program but most of all, we like the warm, nurturing and fun learning atmosphere. The kids feel comfortable and because they feel safe, they are really able to bloom. Riley loves going to school and because the focus is on fun, she doesn’t even realize just how much she really is learning.”

Rosemary, mother of a 4 year old

”My husband and I toured many pre-schools in the South Shore area ranging from Quincy to Scituate, as soon as we met with the teachers at Pre-School Playmates, took the tour and saw the class interact, we knew it was number 1 on our list. We were immediately impressed with the curriculum and importance of learning, music, and self-esteem. Our daughter started at Pre-school Playmates 3 months ago and we are blown away by how much she has learned and how much fun she has having while at pre-school. We are very happy to have found Pre-School Playmates and continue to be impressed.”

Mary Ellen, mother of a 3 year old

”My three children have been with Pre-School Playmates for a total of 9 years. PSP transcends the typical preschool to create a “home away from home” for children, where each teacher demonstrates compassion, caring, enthusiasm, attentiveness, and patience every minute of every day. I’m thankful for the curriculum which includes computer time, show and tell, songs, and stories. I appreciate drop-off and pickup time, which fosters a parent ‘community’ and allows one-to-one interaction with the teachers. During these times I hear anecdotes and stories about their day as well as any difficult moments and how they dealt with them. My favorite events are ‘Muffins for Moms’ and ‘Donuts for Dads’, where the kids and teachers have created a special time just for each parent to be showered with affection and attention from our little ones. My kids are always happier when they know they are going to Pre-School Playmates that day to see friends, laugh, play, run, sing, read, and learn. I can’t imagine there is better place for children than with the staff and friends at Pre-School Playmates. “

Lisa, mother of a 4 year old, 6 year old and 9 year old

”We have been so impressed with what Brendan has learned at Pre-School Playmates! We are also touched by the love and care that his teachers give Brendan every day. He feels so comfortable there!”

Kim, mother of a 3 year old

”When my daughter was transitioning into Pre-School Playmates mid year, from another school, the entire staff could not have been more helpful and understanding to both my daughter and I. Each teacher, including the director, went out of their way to make my daughter feel comfortable, safe and loved. For that, I am forever grateful. Their tremendous support, open and kind heartedness, as well as the caliber of teachers...are just a few things why we love the school.”

Karyn, mother of a 4 year old